Need help managing the digital growth of your business?

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Digital marketing should have a long-lasting impact on your bottom line

Do you feel like all your marketing efforts are giving you nothing back? You write articles, post on social media, host webinars and then … crickets. 

Ask yourself these 5 questions:

  1. Do you have a marketing plan?
  2. Is your marketing plan aligned with your business goals (if I do X, I’ll make $Y)?
  3. Does every marketing piece you create directly connect to the overall plan?
  4. Do your staff know how to create marketing content that will directly impact on your bottom line? 
  5. If your staff leave will they take the marketing knowledge for your business with them?

Studio Clvr (formerly Popdot Media) have been instrumental in creating our brand identity and supporting our business growth and evolution since. Highly recommend!

James McFall, Managing Director, Yield Financial Planning

Get help from a Virtual Chief Marketing Officer

We work with service-based businesses to align your marketing plan with your business goals. We then filter that down to create individual content marketing tasks (articles, social posts) that will achieve the plan, backed up by how-to guides, systems help, staff training and support, and a monthly strategy session to keep it all moving in the right direction. You can say goodbye to the ‘pray and spray’ approach to marketing and implement a strategic marketing plan that is achievable and streamlined for your individual circumstances. Better yet, you’ll have a plan that can be effective even when implemented by junior or less experienced staff — because it’s a seriously detailed plan. 

Virtual Chief Marketing Officer

$ 750 per month + gst (1 month free when billed annually)
+ a one-off setup fee of $2700 + gst
  • Marketing objectives aligned with business revenue targets
  • Content Plan directly correlated with marketing objectives and business goals
  • Strategic topic-by-topic Content Calendar, ready for your team to roll out
  • Systems Guide to automating your digital marketing (we can setup your systems for you for an additional fee)
  • Implementation guides including SEO-friendly article template and social templates with instructions for staff
  • 1 Clever Hour each month to review progress and make any changes as needed
  • 5% Off additional Clever Hours and Clever Days
  • Annual Training Workshop for staff (conducted via Zoom; additional fee for more than 2 seats; annual plans only)
  • Unlimited 'ask us anything' 24/7 support

A VCMO can help you if:

  • You can’t afford the senior salary/aren’t yet big enough to have a Chief Marketing Officer on staff.
  • You have a small team or junior staff on board and want to ensure the marketing work they are doing is actually driving the business forward and meeting business goals.
  • You want to mitigate key person risk by ensuring your marketing strategy, systems, processes and actionable tasks are maintained by a trusted advisor and can be redeployed to new staff at any time.
  • You need help knowing what data to measure, how to measure it and what it means for your business.
  • You need monthly strategic support to ensure your marketing is having impact, is more impactful over time and stays on point.

A VCMO is not for you if:

  • Your business isn’t ready to switch to a digital-first mindset.
  • You have an experienced Chief Marketing Officer on staff who can sort this all out for you.
  • You’re only looking for help with paid ads on social and Google. We don’t operate paid campaigns, as we prefer to focus our knowledge on solid, long-term, organic growth. Ads can indeed help your business (we partner with ad experts, who we can refer you to); but the work we do is to build a solid foundation for a search-based digital strategy that will maximise the benefit of any paid campaigns and ensure that your overall digital plan is very strategic and targeted.