Website Strategy Workshop

Not sure what your website needs and ready to go deep to work it out? Our Website Strategy Workshop helps you simplify the complex, giving you a clever framework to implement on a new site or an existing one.

What's your clever?

Do your prospects ‘get’ you in 10 seconds or less? If they can’t understand what you do or who you help in that time, you’ve lost them. We’ve created a simple workbook to help you define your clever in a few short hours.

Achieve your business goals by building them right​ into your website

Articulate your clever

  • Define your unique value proposition and feed it through every aspect of the online experience for your clients. 
  • Lead-to-sale journey mapping to chart  the intent of your prospects with actions that match the buying-stage of leads for increased conversions.
  • Help gathering effective feedback so you have testimonials and case studies that back up your expertise.
  • Eliminate overwhelm so you have some simple building blocks to make it easier to tell your story in a way that connects and converts.

Tech & systems recommendations

  • Systems audit to evaluate what tools your current website is using and how well they deliver on your business goals — so you can see what subscriptions you can keep and which ones you don’t need anymore.
  • Recommendations for new systems to add efficiency and automation to your setup — all recos will be compatible with your existing tools.
  • Tech map outlining what you’ve got, where you’re going, and what you can use now as you transition to automating repetitive business tasks — setting you up for growth and scale.

I have been a client of Studio Clvr (formerly Popdot Media) since 2013 and I am still a customer today. User friendly design is always difficult along with the integration of other external systems or apps. Nicole supported us with advising and designing a website for ThingFarm AS (a IoT & AI software company) that gave us more reviews and hits by incoming client traffic. I can truly recommend Nicole and her team.

David Daud, ThingFarm AS

A strategic workshop is right for you if you want to:

  • Ensure you have the right foundations for your website to avoid scope and cost blowouts.
  • Get more value from your website investment.
  • Find out how your website can be leveraged to achieve your business goals.
  • Reduce the administrative burden on your small business and use tech to your advantage.
  • Be sure that the tech you use will work harmoniously — it’s always better to identify potential conflicts up front.

A strategic workshop is NOT right for you if:

  • Your business is still very early-stage and you need more time to understand your services and your clients. In this case, a Clever Hour strategy call might be a more effective starting point to help move your ideas forward.
  • You just want a quick, ‘coming soon’ style site to get you launched. A Clever Day might be a better option for your business until you’re ready to level up.
  • You’re pretty clear on what your business needs and can already see the value you can get out of a Clever Website. If that’s the case, this workshop is included at the beginning of all custom website design projects, so jump ahead to get your design slot locked in.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”


Website strategy workshop

Deductible off any website package, so if you go on to hire us for a full site design or redesign, your Website Strategy Workshop is free!

  • Pre-session questionnaire
  • 1 hour session conducted over Zoom
  • A strategic plan for your site outlining: site architecture, core site message and differentiator (your UVP), key calls to action mapped to business goals, recommended tech stack (systems and integrations) to optimise your business online.

Investment: $740 + GST  

We were in a total bind following a massive web design fail when a colleague recommended we contact Studio Clvr (formerly Popdot Media). Their experience not only in web design but in conversion tactics specific to our clients was evident from the get go. We love our new site and have been impressed by the quality of design work, regular communication and streamlined approach to getting our new site up fast. You get what you pay for and these guys deliver huge value beyond the design itself.

Jessica Rippon, Founding Director, Construction Legal & Commercial Services

Frequently asked questions

Yes! If you’re excited by what we outline in our strategy session and are ready to commit to a full website project with Studio Clvr, your workshop fee will be deducted from your project deposit.

Of course. If Studio Clvr isn’t the right fit for your project you can take your strategic outline to another designer. We can also refer you to other experts from within our network. The outline we produce for you will form a solid project brief and scope of work for you to build on with another designer or studio.

You can reschedule your workshop up to 24 hours before the scheduled date and time (outside of emergencies).

Get clever and join us to workshop strategic foundations for your online consulting business