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Common FAQs

Once we have finalised your site strategy, Basic sites take approximately 2 weeks to build, Professional sites take 3–4 weeks and branding adds 2 weeks prior to website build.

Yes! If it’s something small, like a video on your home page, we’ll add that as part of the build. If your needs extend significantly beyond the scope outlined in the website packages, we can add additional items for a fee. Add a note about your requirements to your intake form and we’ll give you a quote specific to your needs. 

Dummy content will be used and we’ll teach you how to change it as part of your training. Or you can reschedule your build start date once (outside of emergencies).

You can upgrade your package prior to project start and within 90 days of project completion.

We build most of our custom sites on WordPress for the flexibility it provides around systems integrations and opportunities to scale without major tech headaches down the line. 

We also build in Squarespace and Webflow, and will discuss the web content management system (CMS) best suited to your business as we clarify every aspect of the tech stack best suited to your digital operations.

That depends! If you want to be found in search results, then yes. According to Search Engine Journal, almost 93% of all web traffic comes through search engines. Relying on referrals alone is leaving a massive chunk of your potential market on the table. SEO doesn’t need to be hard, but hitting ‘all the Googles’ is a good starting point to getting found online.

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