How clever is your website?

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If your site is optimised to be found in a search — great! You’re clearly already thinking about how to help more clients find you via your website.

Attracting your ideal client

If the people coming to your site are exactly the types of people you want to service, that’s brilliant! This is an easy one to miss the mark on and I can speak from experience that it’s painful to put loads of work into your website to find that the only people who get in touch are looking for services you don’t want to do, or worse, spammers.

How obvious is your expertise?

One hard thing about growing an online business is that you have to constantly prove your authority. While your colleagues, partners and contacts in the real world already know you for your expertise, strangers on the internet don’t. Your website should be more than just a glorified business card to give potential clients the opportunity to recognise your expertise and build trust.

Booking your services should be easy

If booking more clients is your aim, a contact page is not enough. You don’t have to sell products to make sales online. When designed strategically, the website for your service-based business should guide your future clients through a seamless journey and capture them at the precise moment when they want to be guided.

Technology can eliminate admin

One of the biggest complaints I hear from service-based founders in the professional sphere is the amount of admin that can’t be handed off to a team of assistants who were on call in the bigger businesses they have moved away from. Your website can take a lot of this burden off your hands — it can answer common questions, communicate with potential clients, book appointments, take payments and sync with your other business systems without you having to lift a finger.

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Hey, I’m Nic

I’m a digital design strategist on a mission to transform websites from ‘whatever’ to clever. I build websites that work harder for your business, make running a business easier, and give you more time to help your clients.

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